The Demon Door Arc
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The Demon Door Arc



68 - 115

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In order to protect Dio, who has shrank due to an attack by the mana puppet, Rood goes out of his way to save him. He uses a another magician's red robe to disguise himself and was able to rescue his friend. However, this brings suspicion to the school and Shicmuon.

Shicmuon takes wind of Rood's identity, by confirming Master's relations with the lad. He attempts to bring up a fight, but the 3 were teleported outside of school grounds by Master. Before long, Elzeble traps the school in his barrier. Seeing this, Rood rushes back to the school. Oddly enough, the barrier prevents official magicians from using any mana despite their efforts, but the students were still able to use their stones.

Rubymonter's group clashes with the school as they struggle to protect the students. Eventually, the barrier is broken as Dio transforms. This allowed the Magician's Association, the Tower, Lidusis's brother, and Mr. Hadelio to get in to help.

Ruby succeeds in opening a [Door], which a demon named [Arbaresque] came out of in order to wipe away the dirt (humans). During this time, Meredith is watching the whole event unfold. Blow manages to close the [Door] with a simple command and is then taken away by Dio.

Dio, along with Ruby's gang tries to explain things to him, but Blow would not believe them. He then leaves the demons behind and makes his way back to the school. What Blow doesn't know is, in order to cover and save their reputation, the Tower has pinned the incident on the Black Magician.


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