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Professor Rowell
Korean 로웰
Awaken name Tessiana
Alias Tessi
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Professional Details
Occupation Imperial Guard
Professor at Helios
Affiliation Helios
Magician Rank
Helios Rank Professor
Debut Chapter 3

Professor Rowell, also known as Tessiana, is the bodyguard of Princess Yutiarien as well as a professor at Helios.


In her unawakened state, Professor Rowell has long, medium light blue hair and green eyes.

In her awakened state, her body and clothes turn a frosty light blue color in accordance with her ice-associated magic.


She usually has a calm, emotionless expression on her face and rarely shows her emotions even during dangerous or stressful situations. She is also a rather unconventional person and demonstrates a disregard for rules on several occasions, such as when she spectates a scene of bullying in order to assess Rood’s talent, or when she praised Princess Yuti for tying up her other attendant, Rom.[1] She often resorts to violence to determine something or to resolve a situation.

Rowell’s first priority in any given situation is the safety of Princess Yuti, although she is not uptight towards the princess like the other attendant. Rowell took an interest in Rood after witnessing the incident involving the Klads and has been closely monitoring him ever since, convinced that he is hiding his true abilities.[2]


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-Tessiana- Rowell

Rowell's awaken name is [Tessiana]. In this form, her whole body is covered in ice.

Advanced Swordsmanship:
Since she is excellent at close range combat and possesses tremendous strength.[3] She also carries a sword as her primary weapon.
Ice-Affiliated Magic:
She is capable of freezing whatever she touches when awakened


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