This is a page dedicated to characters who do not have enough information to have their own profile page yet, BUT are important enough to NOT be on the minor character's page.

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Gender female
Race Human
Status Alive
Occupation Master of the second Tower
Debut Chapter 135
Background She is the second's Tower Master. She is also loyal to Meredith.

Dirod Artian

BH 86
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Occupation Unknown
Debut Chapter 46
Background He is Lidusis Dien Artian's older brother who has bullied him in the past.


Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Occupation Magician of the Tower
Debut Chapter 66
Background He is the Tower's 4th master and seems to have a connection to Opion's Master's past. He seemed to have let Master off the hook for something but this has yet to be revealed. He is also the one person who wants the [Door] to open, despite the safety of everyone being in potential danger.


Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Occupation Master of the first Tower'
Founder of the Tower
Debut Chapter 107
Background He is the First Tower's Master. Despite having the same name as the Tower's founder, it is not certain, that Meredith is also the founder. Meredith also has a piece of the Demon King (brother)'s memories.

Yumehen Kansiol

Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Occupation Empire's Prince
Debut Chapter 118
Background Yumehen is a prince within the Imperial City. He is the younger brother of the Crown Prince and the older brother of Yutiarien Meria Kansiole. It's also implied that he has a connection to Lanoste and Shicmuon, as he knows Shicmuon's real name and identity. Yumehen has a calm personality, but he doesn't hesitate to get himself involved, if necessary. Thus, he agrees to help Shicmuon, seeking into the tower. Also Yumehen wanted to send magicians to the tower, when this was in trouble. Due to his lack of talent for magic, he is not able to hold the Mark Of The First Contract.

Unknown1/ (Human) Demon King

Gender Male
Race Demon
Status Unknown
Occupation Demon King
Debut Chapter 72
Background He is the King of the Demon World. He also has some type of relationship with Rood Chrishi.

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