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Yong Yong

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One day, a king discovered the door to the Demon World. The humans ran for their lives as countless demons invaded the world and destroy its peace. Numerous people died but a certain king plead to God for the power to drive away these demons. All of a sudden, a brilliant light appears and all the demons disappear as they turned into smoke. After this incident, special marks started appearing on humans, granting them powers. These people were able to fight the demons and are called magicians by the people. Peace was once again restored to the world.

"But hey," a woman says. "Did you ever wonder?" 

This woman is talking to a young boy who is chained by his leg. She says that the one who heard the king's plead wasn't God, but instead, was the king of Demons. 

The little boy turns his head and looks toward the door that a man has now opened. The boy then glances back at the women who turns out to be a skeleton.

After switching to a new site, the prologue has changed a bit. The woman was taken out and it did not say the demon king was the one who bestowed the humans with powers.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Unknown Woman

2. Rood Chrishi

3. Kielnode Chrishi

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