Pre-Ishuella Arc
Pre-Ishuella Arc



29 - 36

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Rood is seen as the tiny ray of hope for the Iduns and because of this, they started talking to him, Dio, and Lidusis.[1]

A start of the impending trouble has come, as the 'black thing' targets Lidusis with Professor Heil as his company.[2]

The Idun's practical training takes a wrong turn as the group and some Hereis were teleported away to Ishuella. Rood then awakens as Blow and learns that the enemy is but a mere mana puppet and starts to interrogate him but was soon teleported.[3]


  • In this arc, it showed Rood's first awakening after taking up the mission to help Lidusis.
  • Professor Kan's first awakening is shown.


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