Do feel free to break out of these guidelines, but make sure that the new layout/format is CONSISTENT throughout all character pages.

BEFORE any sections are created:

Before any section is placed, please give a BRIEF summary of their basic, personal information. This can include things such as: The character's name (and Korean spelling if possible), their awakened name, their position/association, etc. HOWEVER, this should NOT contain any spoilers.
Also, please add the [Infobox characters2] template and fill it out to the best of your ability.



This section should contain a quick summary of the character's history BEFORE the beginning of the series.
HOWEVER, for MINOR characters and TEMPORARY PROFILE characters, this section is used as an overall summary for the character.


In this section, you are to give a brief summary about what the character is like, for example: their habits, their actions, how they treat others, how they think of themselves, How others preventive him/her etc.


This section is used to describe how the character appears in terms of first appearances or any other changes throughout the story. This includes the character's physical appearance such as hair, daily attire, eye color, and the air around the character. (Example: Do they give off an aloof aura? A friendly one? etc.)


This section should contain a summary of the character's history DURING the series.


This section will talk about the character's interactions with others. If there are no notable connections, please give an overall summary about how the character interacts in general, or how others view the character. Relationships may include family, rivalry, friends, enemies, etc.


This section will list* the character's abilities, and a description should be given under the listed name.

  • Sword mastery:
    This character is able to utilize and easily manipulate any sword technique with ease.


Much like the 'Abilities' section, you will list* and describe the item(s) the character have been shown using.


This section should only list* notable quotes. Also, please state who the person is saying the quote to, and reference the chapter this was said in.


[*] When listing, please use bullet points.


There are several things on this wiki that are not tolerated. Here is a listing of what cannot be placed in character pages:

  • Character comparison(s) with other characters that are NOT apart of the Black Haze universe.
  • Personal message(s) to the characters.
    • Example: Writing "He is the best!" in a section. This also includes any inappropriate comment/content.
  • Writing personal beliefs/theories/opinions.
  • Mentions about fanfiction.
  • All fanarts. The pages should only contain official drawings by Yong Yong.

If you want to do any of these things, please do so in the comment section or message walls. However, inappropriate comments/images will not be tolerated regardless.

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