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Iel Floren Chrome
Korean 이엘
Awaken name
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Professional Details
Occupation Student
Affiliation Helios
Magician Rank Idun
Helios Rank
Debut Chapter 11

Iel (이엘, Iel) is an Idun attending Helios and is in the same class as Rood. She did not participate in the bullying of Lidusis, however, she also did not make any attempts to stop it either until Rood defeated the Klads.


Her personality is slightly standoffish due to her dedication at becoming stronger in magic rather than experiencing a fun school life. She is very calm and collected and this enables to her think logically in situations where her classmates resort to panicking. With that being said, she is also the voice of logic in those situations.

Relationship Overview

Iel is popular with the boys in her class and although they attempt to talk to her, she largely ignores them.

She does not appear to have any friends but after the incident with the Klads, she introduces herself to Lidusis and Rood, which is more social interaction than she is shown to have previously.[1]

Rood Chrishi
Iel is shown to have been present during the event that made the Black Magician famous, and given the positioning of her and the Black Magician in her memories, it is likely that the Black Magician saved her.[2] This incident caused Iel to strive on becoming stronger.


  • She is very dedicated to her learning, as depicted during Rood's first day in class.


When Professor Heil used Chevel as a puppet to attack the students in Ishuella, Iel was initially the only person to fight back. Professor Heil even complimented her on her ability. However, her spell did not last long due to her inexperience.[3]


  • (To herself) "Foolish-I am still just as helpless as I was back then. Still… I still…"[4]


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