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Helios campus

Helios is the most prestigious magic school in the empire and has over 400 students attending.[1]

General Information

The school system is not based on age but rather, magical talent.[2] Students who do well on the entrance exam are admitted to the school and begin at the lowest class level, Idun. There are three class levels altogether: The lower class level, Idun, the middle class level, Klad, and the upper class level, Hereis.[3] There are annual promotion tests that determine who will advance to the next class level. Not everyone advances, notably, there are only 20 Hereis attending the school.[4]

Helios and Social Class

Despite the school being structured to cater to talented individuals rather than those with important family names, it has been mentioned on several occasions that it is more difficult for commoners to be admitted than nobles. For example, students like Chevel Phon Hadelio were able to use their family name to gain immunity from punishment.[5] However, the class rankings themselves are not determined by family importance, as the empire's princess also had to start at the lowest level.[6]

Helios Security

Helios is very strict and it is mentioned that outsiders cannot easily interfere. Even Duchess Artian, a mother of one of the students as well as a high-ranking person feels that it would be impossible to interfere by herself in order to prevent her son from being bullied.[7] Despite this, the school have had a handful of people infiltrate it whether it's for personal or other reasons.

Class Ranking





Helios symbol

The symbol of Helios

The symbol of Helios is a complex sun-like design with a thick central circle that is encased by two outer rings that are further from the center. It also has eight petals protruding from it.

Class symbols

On the school uniforms, the color and style of the sun can be used to distinguish between the class levels:

Image Description


Iduns have a black sun with all eight petals protruding outside two outer rings.


Klads have a blue sun and 3 outer rings. There are four long petals and four shorter ones. The longer petals stretch past the rings while the shorter ones stops at the outermost circle.


Hereis have a gold sun and four outer rings. It has eight petals, 4 shorter petals and 4 longer just like the Klad's. The shorter ones stop when they meet the third ring while the longer ones get cut off on same ring, only to be continued by arrow heads


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