This glossary gives a brief explanation of many of the words and terms used throughout Black Haze.
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Awaken/-ing – This is when a person becomes a magician. Every magician gets a new name the first time they awaken and that name is attached to them for the rest of their lives.



Class – Magicians are ranked from 1-7, 7 being a newly awakened magician.


Demons – They first appeared after the [Door] was opened and has been ruining the world's peace ever since. Usually magicians are the only ones who can fight them. They can be ranked low, medium, or high. It has been stated that low level demons neither have a core nor intelligence.

Demon's Door/ [Door] – The gateway to the demon's world.





Helios– A prestigious magic school used to train potential magicians.

Hereis – The Highest class level for students in Helios.


Idun – The lowest class level for students in Helios.

Ishuella – An inhabitable cursed island that has been isolated by the Tower.



Klad – The middle class level for students in Helios.



Magic Stone/ Mana stone – A crystal-like stone with mana stored inside. This can be used by unawakened students. It shines brighter the more you are able to control your mana (Mana Manifestation). Since students aren't complete magicians yet, they use it as a weapon while complete magicians use it as a way to recharge mana.

Magical Artifact - An enchanted item that can be used to serve a purpose. An example of this was when Shicmuon entered Helios. In this case, the artifact's purpose was to cover up Shicmuon's mana so that only high level magicians can tell who he truly is.

Magicians - They are humans who can use mana and cast magic. They have marks and a special name that signifies the fact that they are a complete magician.

Magician's Association – An organization of magicians led by Lanoste.

Magician's Tower – An organization that is the Empire's main security. They have a barrier around the Empire in order to ward off demons.

Mana– The source for magic powers.

Mana Manifestation– This is when you infuse mana inside a mana stone in order to use it as a weapon. This is usually utilized by trainees.

Mark – A symbol on an awakened magician's body.



Opion – An organization which deals with requests. It is led by Master and is where the [Black Magician] resides.





Shajan's Heart – A high class magic stone with Shajan's mana infused into it.


Teleportation Scroll– A piece of paper with writing on it that has the ability to teleport the user and whomever they want along with them. To activate it, you need to say an incantation.

Test Stones – They are like mana stones, but they are usually only used by students in order to improve their control over mana.







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