Chapter 99
Chapter 99

Yong Yong

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Rood attempts to clear things up with Lidusis, who was eavesdropping over Rood's and Master's conversation. The leads to Lidusis thanking Rood, for saving him, and for having the chance to meet him. Master breaks the sentimental atmosphere and tries to get Rood to agree to go back. Rood then tricks Master by feigning acceptance, taking the tower's robe, and fleeing back to the scene.

Marquis is annoyed by an Association's magician who sports pink hair. 

On thing leads to another and Dio ends up saving the students from the collapsing ceiling. This leads to Orphell questioning his reasons. It turns out that Dio is bleeding due to the impact, as stated by a crying Lin.

Rood tells Lidusis to go to the group of Tower magician, which is a safer place. Once Rood leaves, Lidusis desires to help, but reluctantly follows Rood's orders.

Mikel acts as if he wants to [Door] to open, saying that this ability is only possessed by the demon king.

The chapter ends with Rood, cladded and disguised in the Tower's robe, coming up to Dio.

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