Chapter 98
Chapter 98

Yong Yong

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After Dio transformed into a big dragon, Lispen comments that he looks much better than when he was a pathetic human.

On the other hand, Mikel-nim ordered Orphell and the other magicians to capture Dio if possible or otherwise, kill him. Mikel finally reveals his intentions, telling the others that their first and last priority is the Loyal Princess, and that the students will be sacrificed in order to capture the demons.

Hearing this, Rubymother found the morality of the humans disgusting and asked Gamode to let her borrow his strength to open a door and kill all the humans.

While all this is happening, the other magicians followed Orphell's orders and formed a spell to stop Dio's movements.

Meanwhile, Lispen asks Rood to find Lidusis. On his way, he was both pulled by Master and Lidusis. Rood decided to talk with Master who in turn, tells him to leave Helios right away. Unknown to the two of them, Lidusis over heard all of their conversation.

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