Chapter 97
Chapter 97

Yong Yong

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The professors try to protect everyone as the ceiling crumbles due to Dio's transformation. Rubymonter belittles Orphell and his gang when they stated that the "tables have turned". Just then, the tower's magicians come in through a portal and comment on how strong the demon's mana is in comparison to the others he have seen before. Mikel plans to capture them and call it a day.

Iel finds a figure sitting on the ground which she recognizes as Blow's. However, she soon realizes the person behind the cloak wasn't him, but most likely someone Rood has knocked out to take his place. She then catches a glimpse of Rood running away from the scene.

The tower's magicians deem the place to no longer be safe and asks that everyone evacuates. Rood and Lispen have a conversation about Dio, their actions, and their relationship. Unfortunately, it leads to nowhere as they both just accuse one another. Dio soars in and Lispen questions whether it was true when Rood said Dio was harmless.

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