Chapter 96
Chapter 96

Yong Yong

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Shicmuon and Blow's constant quarreling starts to irritate Rubymonter. Seeing this, Dio tries to make her retreat but was declined. She then forms another mana spear and tells Dio that she'll take care of his stubborness first.

Van observes from afar as the situation unfolds. He was ordered by Lanoste to "play" at the Helios, but wasn't expecting the Tower Magicians to accompany him. He starts to worry over Shicmuon.

Blow and Shicmuon makes their way towards Rubymonter, trying to obtain the spear, only to have Elzeble interfere. Meanwhile, Deon and Orphell hide behind a few dead demons and watch the scene unfolds, but Gamode sniffs them out. Rubymonter then stabs Dio with her mana and he starts to transform. The barrier made by Elzeble breaks. One by one, the official magicians begin to awaken their powers and Shicmuon makes a statement about Blow's "pet".

Orphell says they already have backup and was able to use their mana once more. Behind him, Gamode was bound by magic.

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