Chapter 95
Chapter 95

Yong Yong

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Blow threatens Elzeble then makes his way towards the gigantic demon who is spewing out smaller ones. He manages to destroy the demon's core which results in its death. He then goes after Rubymonter.

After the slaughter of the demon, Orphell has concluded that it was safe within the area so he orders for minimum security within the auditorium.

Elzeble 'mourns' for the death of the demon as Shicmuon comes along and picks upDio while calling him a "little animal". When Shicmuon refused to let him go, Dio start to breath fire but instead of hitting his intended target, Elzeble is fried instead. Blow crashes down with Rubymonter behind him and she decides to find out what he truly is. Before she could make her move, Shicmuon intercepts and pulls Blow away. Blow then realizes his awakening is being undone.

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