Chapter 94
BH 94
Chapter 94

Yong Yong

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The Tower's 4th Master finish writing a spell on Marquis' chest, which enables him to become a living mana drainer. This will hopefully allow them to be able to pass through the barrier.

Inside Helios, the professors become distressed as the protection stone starts to break. Monsters are reported to be just outside and are currently trying to get inside. Professor Orphell decids to trust the Black Magician and begins to inform everyone one on what to do. Iel approaches Lidusis.

Just outside the auditorium, Blow tries to think of a way to fend off the monsters that are approaching the group. The giant monsters open its mouths and a massive herd of demons appear. The Hereis try to defend the group. Meanwhile, Chevel tries to battle one of them and Lapis tells him that they were sensitive to movements. Much to Chevel's distress, his powers didn't work, which made Professor Orphell tell them to take things seriously.

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