Chapter 93
BH 93
Chapter 93

Yong Yong

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Blow's question silenced everyone until Professor Orphell asks him back about actions. He tries to change the subject by asking who the blood stains on the ground belonged to. Lidusis tells him it was Dio's blood and that Lispen had attacked him. He asks why Lispen did so but he used the same excuse, Dio was not human. He boldly converses to Lispen, saying Dio hadn't done anything wrong. Blow orders Dio to apologize, ignoring Lispen's words. Professor Orphell interjects the scene and tells Blow that he can't settle it like this. Chevel makes a face as he sees the smooth transition between events.

Meanwhile, Shicmuon looks at the massive summoning circle giant monsters begin to emerge. Blow tells everyone that he'll try to protect all of them. Blow is next seen near a tied up Elzeble as he questions Dio about his goal within Helios. Dio apologizes as Blow puts him down. He was about to attack Rubymonter when Elzeble grabs on to him.

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