Chapter 92
BH 92
Chapter 92

Yong Yong

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As Dio tries to hold off his transformation, he grabs hold of Professor Orphell's collar. Orphell begins to question Dio, but he tells him to get everyone out if they don't want to die. Lispen orders the Hereis to bind "that thing" so he can finish it off before something bad happens. Dio loses his strength and is unable to stop himself any longer as Orphell ponders about the meaning behind his words. The Hereis bind Dio, who then slumps to the ground but was saved again by Lidusis who claims that even if Dio isn't human, he hasn't done anything wrong. Dio tries to warn Lidisus with aggressive words but Lidisus stubbornly refuses. Dio's transform begins but instead of his usual gallant form, they are greeted with Dio's miniature form.

Elsewhere, Rubymonter stands atop Gamode as a giant summoning circle spews out bigger versions of the monsters currently roaming around the school grounds. Shicmuon watches with Elzeble tied up by his side.

Back in the Auditorium, Blow arrives and asks about the current situation.

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