Chapter 91
BH 91
Chapter 91

Yong Yong

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Shicmuon and Blow fight each other while Elzeble watches them, wondering why they are fighting amongst allies. Shicmuon suddenly runs off towards his direction, causing Blow to turn his attention to Elzeble. They discover that Blow wasn't conscious as he was just reacting as a defense. He thinks that Rubymonter's mana that hit Blow must have affected him and his awakening.

In Blow's consciousness, he is staring at the long haired person, who grabs him despite still being unconscious. Trying to shake him off, Blow is suddenly pulled down as the guy wakes up shoves his hand towards Blow's direction. Blow then starts to dissolve.

Back to reality, Shicmuon grabs him by the collar and tells him to get a grip. With this, Blow headbutts him and wonders if he was having that 'dream' as he stayed in a perfectly stand up position.

Professor Orphell orders the Hereis to get themselves ready for what may happen next. Chevel tells Lidusis to stop being the brave knight and hide, but he refuses and replies that he can't just sit and watch anymore.


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