Chapter 90
BH 90
Chapter 90

Yong Yong

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Professor Orphell questions Lispen's actions in which he defends himself, saying that stabbing Dio wasn't meant to kill him, but to make him reveal his true nature. Lidusis worries over Dio and reminisces about the times when he was helpless. Chevel wonders if Blow knows about Dio's identity too. Meanwhile, Lidusis breaks through the crowd as he tries to make Lispen stop by using mana. Dio interrupts the two as he tells Lidusis to shut up, declaring that he's going to destroy everything.

Rubymonter observes Dio's situation and questions the way he speaks, thinking that "that" bastard is probably trying to sacrifice humans through Dio and decided to let it do what it wants so they can learn what he is planning.

Professor Orphell tries to keep the students calm and tells Professor Kan to stop them from leaving the place. Dio struggles to keep himself from transforming.


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