Chapter 89
BH 89
Chapter 89

Yong Yong

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Professor Orphell demands Dio to hurry and tell them all about his eyes. Before Dio could respond, Lispen stabs him, saying that he's just fooling them.

Rubymonter questions Rood's identity once more as she shoots a ball of mana towards his direction. Without any words, Blow attacks her. Elzeble fights Shicmuon, who was already injured. Annoyed, he asks why he intends to fight when he can't even become a magician. He says that he should let him be a magician then, and runs off as Rubymonter starts hurling towards them. Rubymonter wonders why she didn't notice it from the start, that Blow may look human, but inside, he was something else. She tells Elzeble that he maybe the one they have been looking for.

Inside Blow's consciousness, he sees a giant demon, and questions it's meaning when it said "brethren". He then wonders why he instinctively reached out his hand as he runs further in the dark place. He soon stumbles upon a person with long hair.

Elzeble thinks that if Blow was involved, then the 'betrayer' would've shown himself by now. Shicmuon listens in on the conversation and hears of their objective, that they're looking for a traitor, and also learns that Blow's powers may not be that of a human. Rubymonter senses that something has happened to Dio and calls out to Gamode. She is teleported right away and Elzeble tries to start a conversation with Blow, but he remains silent. Shicmuon then throws a rock towards the silenced man and the two fight.


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