Chapter 88
BH 88
Chapter 88

Yong Yong

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Rubymonter questions Rood's identity as she examines him. In reflex, Rood attacks her with his mana. She calls him arrogant as she renders him immobile.

The students are astounded as Lin saves Dio from being hit by Lispen. He questions her and she tells him they must talk it out first. When he didn't agreed to it, Iel speaks up and tells him that swinging his sword isn't the right decision either, whether Dio speaks the truth or not. Lispen tells her not to meddle with this dispute, but they continued to take Dio's side. Students begin to ask them questions until Professor Orphell stops them as he tells them to be calm. He them agrees that a discussion is needed, so firstly, he asks Dio about his eyes.

Elzeble complains about how his clothes got dirty while Shicmuon lies faceplanted on the ground. He spots Rubymonter personally dealing with Blow but was surprised to see Shicmuon still standing. Shicmuon demands something to be given to him.

Blow catches Rubymonter's hand and was startled. In his consciousness, he meets a giant dark figure bounded with chains. The giant's hand reaches out to him as it calls him brethren.


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