Chapter 87
BH 87
Chapter 87

Yong Yong

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Blow searches for the enemies and wonders about the connection between the Ishuella event and the current problem. He stops on top of a tower and finds that Shicmuon has been tailing him.

The students were shocked to see Dio's eyes, which are now slits. Professor Lispen along with Professor Rowell corners Dio infront of the students as they reveal his real identity. Lidusis tries to shield Dio and wonders what happened to their friendliness towards Dio. He asks if this was his fault too, just when Dio apologizes to him as he pushs him into Lispen. Iel shouts 'no' as Lispen begins his attack on Dio.

Rubymonter finds the situation interesting, and once again, reassures Elzeble that everything was fine, even though he didn't believe so. Elzeble notices that Rubymonter's magic has had no negative effects on Blow and brings it to her attention. Shicmuon and Blow are now bickering and was stopped only when Elzeble appears from behind. Shicmuon fights Elezeble while a surprise came to Blow as Rubymonter faces him, asking why he was perfectly fine.


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