Chapter 85
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Chapter 85

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Professor Orphell points out how Blow was using magic without any problem. Blow was about to explain himself when Shicmuon interfers and tells Professor Orphell how he hates The Tower because of their selfishness.

Elzeble ponders on what he should do when Rubymonter interrupts him, since the mana still affected Dio in some way even though it's minor. Rubymonter assures that the magician will die since the power is part of her and no mere human can convert it into his own.

Blow explains how he can use his awaken form to Professor Orphell with the exception of telling him his mission. Professor Orphell questions how his physique differs when he was wearing the red robe but Shicmuon tells him that he is significantly shorter when he's not in his awakened form. He interrogates him further about the mission he was conducting in Helios, but Blow refuses to do so and bares his mana at Professor Orphell's neck, saying the important thing to do now is to figure out the enemies plan.

Dio was surrounded by the students who asked him various questions. He lies to them by saying he doesn't remember a thing. Professors tells the students to go back to their positions and Dio finds Lidusis along with Iel. Iel asks about Rood, and Dio tells him that he doesn't know what happened to him but assures them he'll be ok. Princess Yuti appears behind Lidusis and looks earnestly to Dio, who seems have shifted into a state of uneasiness. Chevel scoffs at everyone who became excited about the Black Magician. He too questions the fact that he can use magic and Linus says it's because he's the Black Magician.


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