Chapter 84
BH 84
Chapter 84

Yong Yong

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Professor Orphell informs the students of their current situation. Hearing the truth from him, they became more anxious and Iel gives her thoughts about the whole situation. She then asks them why the professors were not yet awakened. Blow falls from the ceiling before Professor Orphell could answer.

Rom wakes up and finds Tessiana and Yuti. He inquires what happened and she tells him indirectly that somebody saved them but the person was not Shicmuon. Shicmuon says that he was right all along while laughing hysterically.

Dio has returned to his human form and Blow contemplates for coming through the roof. Since his mana was out of control, the ceiling easily broke. Dio asks him what happened and he answers that he himself, doesn't know. He faces the students and assures them that what he did won't affect the protection spell. Linus sees Blow and runs towards him but Professor Orphell stops him. After hearing Linus speak his name, everyone starts to chatter but the Professor doubts him. Even though Professor Kan reassures him that he is indeed the Black Magician, Professor Orphell still remains suspicious since currently, Official Magicians can't use any form of magic.


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