Chapter 83
BH 83
Chapter 83

Yong Yong

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Rood and Shicmuon discuss about Dio but Elzeble interrupts their conversation, telling them he is going to start the operation. He produces a black rod made of mana and was about to pierce it through Dio when Gamode's summoning circle appears and they are all teleported.

Meanwhile, inside the lecture hall, Orphell is holding a magic orbs and concludes that their mana will still disappear no matter what they do, but this problem is only happening with official magicians. Most of the students are now in the lecture hall and Iel starts to wonder why the Hereis are the ones operating the magic circle and why the professors were not awakened yet. Her attention then moves to Lidusis reassures him.

Rood, Shicmuon, Rom, Rowell, and Yuti are know falling towards the lecture hall and Elzeble curses Gamode for purposely teleporting him. He turns to Dio and realizes he's has dropped him. With no choice left, Elzeble aims at Dio while in the air. Rood interferes with the mana's target when he sees Dio and catches him. Rood absorbs the mana and sees an illusion.


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