Chapter 82
BH 82
Chapter 82

Yong Yong

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Lispen tells Lidusis that someone might be targeting 'something' inside Helios, resulting in the appearance of these demons.

Deon is inside the school after being ordered by Orphell to bring back the black mana that was sealed but finds out that it has escaped. Rubymonter and says she will borrow him, then she wipes a tiny portion of his memories away. Deon then reports back to Orphell

Elzeble finishes eating the 'black thing' and decides to find Dio. Shicmuon and Professor Rowell are still bickering when Rood suddenly escapes so they chase after him. Rood notices the spell circle and concludes that magic isn't completely gone so there maybe be a solution. Suddenly, he hears a scream and sees Dio falling. He tries to catch him but instead, Dio crashes into his face. Elzeble arrives and sees Dio, who has now lost consciousness from the impact of falling.


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