Chapter 80
BH 80
Chapter 80

Yong Yong

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Rubymonter lands on top of the building while Elzeble is in minor pain due to Rubymonster using him as a stepping stone. She immediately orders him to find Diorook and declares their mission. Rood smacks Shicmuon's hand away and inquires the professor about their current position. According to the professor, they are to move towards the center lecture h Rood worries about Lidusis since he can't be certain that the lecture hall will hold. Summoning circles appear outside of Helios and monsters start to appear.

Princess Yutiarien is seen in her room with Dio in arms. She is anxious about the students but Rom reassures her. Dio then breaks loose from the Princess' grip. Through the room's window, Elzeble rolls on the floor laughing as he hears Dio being called "Ming Ming" by the Princess. The Black Shadow interrupts him, telling Elzeble that it was because of them that everything went nicely and thanks him. Elzeble questions his word's meaning and starts to change into his demon form.

Rood recognizes the summoning circles as the same ones used at the Auction House. He wonders about the "traitor" and if they were somehow related to Lidusis. Shicmuon ran next to him and was anxious about it. Monsters appeared and wanting to remove Shicmuon on his way, he lured the monster towards Shicmuon’s direction. He leaves Shicmuon to be caught by it. To his disbelief, Shicmuon was unaffected by his current position. From above, Tessiana stands on the building looking down.


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