Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Chapter 8

Yong Yong

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Ms Ren hands in a report to the Master who says that it was a miscalculation. He was not informed that Shicmuon would appear and that he would not have sent Blow if he had known. They discuss how Blow's recent missions were both to hide him from Shicmuon and other magicians alike. He also wanted to give him a break.

Meanwhile, Rood is researching about summoning circles in a cafe. He compares his sketch of the circle with the ones in the book. His waiter, a young boy named Ben, appears and regales Rood on the exaggerated rumors of the Black Magician's "accomplishments" at the auction house.

At the same time, a female noble is seen riding in a carriage with multiple attendants. She says that she will do anything to help "that boy".

After leaving the cafe, Rood is walking down the street while looking at his sketch when suddenly, a gust of wind blows it away. Rood chases the paper only to discover that a group of men in a back alleyway has picked it up. When they refused to give it back, Rood swiftly defeats them with physical combat. One of the men is revealed to be a level 6 magician and chases Rood to a rooftop. Rood jumps off the roof, both to avoid an attack and to lose his pursuer. He mistakenly lands on the carriage of the noble.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Kielnode Chrishi

2. Ren

3. Rood Chrishi

4. Ben Noa

5. Lispen

6. Duchess Dayner Artian

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