Chapter 79
BH 79
Chapter 79

Yong Yong

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Gamode asks if a human has gotten past his summoning circle and if its on top of him. Rubymonter confirms this. She tells him that it doesn't matter and orders Gamode to start the plan. Not listening to Rubymonter, Gamode went into a frenzy after hearing this and tilts his body, causing Rubymonter, Elzeble, and Rood to fall. Elzeble bids Rood farewell, leaving him to question their identities. Again, Rubymonter orders Gamode to start. Rood, determined to stop them, tries to awaken but wasn't able to because his mana suddenly disappears.

Deon, Orphell, and Shicmuon breaks through the barrier and to their surprise, their mana begins to vanish. Orphell spots Rood falling in the air and deducts that he will die if he lands. He starts running towards Rood to save him but Shicmuon passes him. Shicmuon catches Rood and he uses his remaning mana to break through the ceiling. A professor asks them if he was okay when Shicmuon suddenly grabs Rood by shirt collar and curses at him.


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