Chapter 78
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Chapter 78

Yong Yong

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Rood observes Elzeble's and compares his eyes to Dio's but retorts to himself that they were not 'the same' and felt that Elzeble is unpleasant since he can't feel anything from him. They skip over the pleasant talk and Rood asked him about his plan. He replies that they were looking for something they've lost and to get rid of the traitor. A couple of flashback happens and Rood concludes that there's a connection between them and asked about the traitor, only to be hushed by Elzeble who tells him he doesn’t need to know. A magic circle appears under Elzeble and he bids Rood goodbye, since he was being summoned by Rubymonter. Without hesitation, Rood rushed towards him.

The Hereis are observing the purple "barrier" on the balcony and wonders if there's a problem. Chevel thinks that another incident might happen but the thought of Rood puts him at ease.

Meanwhile, Lidusis is approached by Lispen who warns him that they're in a dangerous situation.

Elsewhere in Helios, the professors are nervous about the situation and Professor Kan says that the important thing is the students' safety.

Orphell and Deon have finally reached Helios and Orphell examines the barrier. Shicmuon began to try and force his way through to get inside the barrier. Orphell believes that a magician like Shicmuon could nullify the barrier and might be able to make a gap for an instant.

On top of Gamode, Rubymonter mutters that Elzeble has brought something useless with him while the latter is on the ground pinned by Rood. Rubymonter comments on how strange it was for Rood to be able to go through Gamode's summoning circle.


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