Chapter 77
BH 77
Chapter 77

Yong Yong

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Deon and Orphell arrives to find Shicmuon and another man next to him. Deon alerts Orphell about a mysterious power that seems to be engulfing Helios. On the other hand, Rood wonders about this stranger power as well. Worried about the school, Deon and Orphell both decided to head back and ignores Master who is worried of Rood.

In the Helios, Princess Yutiarien calls out to Rowell while carrying Dio and ignoring Rom’s orders. Rowell tells them to stay in their rooms until further notice. She looked at Dio but didn't found him suspicious.

In another part of Helios, Carmille tells Rin how the school's atmosphere has felt weird ever since the recent incident but wasn't able to express it properly. Lin, who is staring out the window, was surprised to see the odd colored "sky".

Meanwhile, Lidusis listens to the professors talk about the incident. After the professors leave, Lidusis enters the room and reminisce about the time he, Dio, and Rood were lounging around. Lispen then approaches behind him.

Gamode, while in his fish form, floats atop Helios with Rubymonter on top of him. Elzeble seems to be responsible for this mysterious power that is engulfing Helios. Rood then appears behind him, and for one reason or another, Elzeble was about to recognize him, although he comments that Rood's appearence has changed since the last time they met.


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