Chapter 76
Chapter 76
Chapter 76

Yong Yong

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Outside Helios, Elzeble comments about how the barrier made by the humans were annoying and bothersome. A loud crash in a forest nearby attracts his attention, but he brushes it off and starts to anticipate the [traitor's] next move. Inside Helios, a group of Helios staff talk about Orphell, they say that if they can catch that "trace", the mystery can be partially solved. They then wonder about the contents of the box, the same box the [black thing] was kept inside of. Another professor assured them that the box is safe, since Orphell is the only being who can open it, however, cracks are starting to form on that very box.

Outside of Helios, Rood and Master are in a pinch as Shicmuon continues to attack them. Rood then scolds Master for making up a nonsense story. The two started to bicker, but Shicmuon appears behind them. Master tries to tell Shicmuon yet again, to convince him that Rood is a different being from Blow. Rood hits Master’s head with a block of wood, telling him to stop this nonsense since Shicmuon isn't even listening. Shicmuon asks Rood why he keeps on hiding, telling him that he still hasn't forgetten what had happened [that day]. He then smirks and says that he should give Rood a reason to make it "fair". Hearing this, Rood tells Master that he's on his own as he begins to awaken.

Deon and Orphell appear outside of the city in the forest where Shicmuon, Rood, and Master are located. Deon mentions that the outrageous magical explosion will catch the attentions of nearby guards so they should be on their way. Orphell on the other hand identified the mana to belong to Shicmuon, and starts to move towards that location before the guards can reach there first.

Shicmuon smirks in satisfaction as he gazes at Blow, but soon stops. "Blow" falls to his knees, saying it is difficult to mimic [Blow]. Master is revealed to have disguised as Blow, and this angered Shicmuon.

Meanwhile, Rood leaps between trees as he runs away and wonders why Master is going to such extent in order to stop him from awakening. He then suddenly looks shocked at what's ahead of him.


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