Chapter 75
Chapter 75

Yong Yong

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Master, Rood, and Shicmuon have been teleported to the outskirts of the empire. Master seems to have landed separate from the other two and Rood is seen blocking Shicmuon's attack.

Deon senses that someone has escaped the barrier put on the school. Orphell has deduced that it was either an ally of the Black Thing or the Red Robbed man. He also says that the escapee must have used teleportation magic or a scroll. Both Deon and Orphell vacate the room, leaving the box containing the Black Thing alone.

Helios students gather around the room Master, Rood, and Shicmuon was previously in, dumbfounded as to what had went on. While this was happening, Lidusis seems to worry over Dio and Rood.

Rood hides from Shicmuon but is found soon after. Shicmuon grabs Rood by the collar but is interrupted by Master. The two try to run away from Shicmuon but Rood asks to fight a 2:1 battle. Master refuses and tells Rood to run away while handing him a teleportation scroll. Rood tries to grab it but Master quickly takes it back, upset that Rood was so willing to leave him. They argue over the scroll but soon, Shicmuon destroys it. Master tries to lie to Shicmuon by telling him that Rood is the Black Magician's one and only younger brother.


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