Chapter 74
Chapter 74

Yong Yong

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Karina is shown to be uncomfortable with showing her recording and tries to make excuses so she doesn't have to had it over. Shicmuon comes in and asks for it and Karina, who seems to have fallen in love, hands it over.

Back at the classroom, Rood is being hassled since everyone thinks that he's the one who taught Dio. Rood feigns being ill and tells Dio that they need to talk, he then asks Lidusis to wait for him in the dorms.

Rood and Dio are headed to the storage room and unbeknownst to them, Shicmuon is watching from outside.

When they arrive at the storage room, Rood finds that the real Dio is missing. He was about to go search for him but Master, who has turned back to his original form, stops him and says that he needs to leave the school and let him handle the rest. Stubbornly, Rood refuses. As the two are arguing, Shicmuon bursts in and to Rood's and Master's dismay, he seems to have figured out Rood's identity. Before Master could stop him, Shicmuon already has Rood pinned, and as a last resort, Master teleports them all.


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