Chapter 73
Chapter 73

Yong Yong

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The Helios staff have started the head count and Rood's name is called. The students inform them on his whereabouts but Rood, along with Dio, have returned.

The staff covers up the incident by saying that it was just an experiment that went wrong. It turns out that Master has managed to disguise himself as Dio. Unfortunately, his personality does not match. He ends up making a scene by acting out the "cool" guy role. Rood on the other hand has decided to tell Lidusis about the situation.

The professors discuss the incident and Deon realizes that Shicmuon is not present. Lispen has offered to go search for him and when he leaves, Deon states that Lispen has acted suspicious ever since the incident. To this, Orphell agrees, however, he still thinks that Lispen is of use to them.

Back in the classroom, lessons have started and the topic is the [Paikaltus] Theory. The professor calls on "Dio" to explain this theory, thinking he was pretending to pay attention during the whole lesson. To the students' and professor's amazement, "Dio" was able to explain it thoroughly.


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