Chapter 72
BH 72
Chapter 72

Yong Yong

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Rood has finally lost sight of Shicmuon and meanwhile, a male Idun student approaches Lidusis and asks about Rood's whereabouts.

The professors discuss about the shadow, the [Red Robe], and Shicmuon. Orphell says that the [Red Robe] guy doesn't seem to be allied with the Shadow, so he wonders why he ran away. He uses his crystal to observe the scene and realizes the attire the [Red Robe] was wearing. He then goes on to suggest that Helios doesn't allow exiting or entry into the school. After, they observe the students to pick up any suspicious behaviors.

Karina is seem in a hallway cradling a mana stone. The stone has recorded the incident but the visual is not clear, so she decides to ask Jirubell to enhance it.

In a room, Rood questions Dio about various things related to his current size and the shadow. Dio claims that he cannot change back to his human form because the shadow has damaged it and that he needs at least a day to recover. Rood tells him that he'll try to cover this up and leaves. After Rood has closed the door behind him, Dio reminiscences about a person with long black hair who seems to be dear to him.

Rood is now pondering about how to cover up Dio's absence for the next day. The guy who was looking for Rood approaches him and seems to act friendly.


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