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Rood shakes Shicmuon's grip off and proceeds to try and escape. While doing so, he whispers to Lispen "Please help me" and in response, he tries to get everyone off of Rood's tail. Unfortunately, Shicmuon continues to peruse him and this makes Lispen get involved. Orphell has decided to let Shicmuon and Lispen confront the [Red Robe] so he can focus solely on the shadow.

Rood is now being chased by Shicmuon but fortunately, Lispen attempts to stop him. However, Shicmuon goes on to use his mana to strike Rood and finally, he grabs hold of him and was able to take Rood's hood off. Dio, who was trying to help, lights Shicmuon on fire but he dispels it. Without Rood knowing, it seems that Shicmuon was able to catch a glimpse of them both.


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