Chapter 70
Chapter 70

Yong Yong

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Ren enters Master's office only to find that he has decided to check up on Rood via teleportation scroll.

Rood saves Dio from the "Black Thing" and tries to escape the area before someone sees them. Whilst doing so, Dio tells Rood that he can no longer "tolerate it". The shadow continues to pursue Dio while creating a scene.

Orphell awakens and advises everyone to get ready to fight. To Deon's dismay, Shicmuon is not interested in participating.

Rood begins to worry that Dio might wreck havoc if he transforms in school. He reminisces about the fun times he had with Dio and wonders what will happen to him if he was found out. Rood leaps and catches him and to his surprise, Dio has shifted into a miniature version of his dragon form. Just as Rood lands on the ground, the professors have arrived and imprison the shadow.

The Hereis are using their magic stones in order to catch a glimpse of the scene. Karina offers her help in order to obtain a better picture. Lapis comes in and asks everyone why they're all "having fun" while there is a problem outside. Chevel and Lapis then argue for a moment. Chevel starts wondering if the Black Magician will actually be there.

Rood is in a predicament and starts to wonder why the shadow is so calm. He then tries to run away but is cut off by Shicmuon who asks him what he was hiding. Rood tries to round house kick Shicmuon but his foot gets caught. Shicmuon then calls Rood "suspicious"


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