Chapter 69
BH 69
Chapter 69

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Orphell and Deon are still speaking with Lispen. Lispen informs the two that under Dayner's instructions, he has investigated everyone attending Helios to the very last detail. He then says that Heil might not be the one controlling the Shadow but instead, was a student. Orphell asks if there was a way to figure out who it was. Lispen reassures them that he already initiated the so called "plan"; to trap the one controlling the Shadow and make them unable to escape.

Back in the classroom, panic arises. Rood realizes that the explosion was located in the same area Dio was in. Worried, he tries to slip out of the room only to be followed by Shicmuon. Soon, Professor Kan enters the room and orders everyone to stay put until they figure out the problem. She then informs Shicmuon that he has been summoned. Shimcuon tells Rood to not move until he got back. Defying Shicmuon, Rood leaves either way.

Dio is seen being thrashed about by the Shadow who keeps insulting him by saying that he is pathetic in his human form. The shadow intends to break Dio's human vessel which will automatically reveal Dio's true form.

While making his way to the scene, Rood knocks out a couple of people so he could take their cloak and have some sort of cover up.

The professors arrive while thinking that the Shadow is looking down on them because it appeared during broad daylight.


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