Chapter 67
Chapter 67
Chapter 67

Yong Yong

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Ren is outside the door where Master and the Tower's 4th Master is and flinches after hearing a noise coming from inside the room. Master is upset at the Tower's master, telling him that the [Ritual] was eight years ago. The Tower's master tells him to sit down and that he has yet to finish talking. He then rhetorically asks "why did you think you were let go so easily?" and says that Master is still naive.

Lidisus is sitting alone due to Rood and Dio not being there. A herd of girls fan over Shicmuon as he approaches Lidusis and asks where Rood is.

A group of professors examine the destroyed room and believes it to be Shicmuon's doing. Orphell informs them that it was not and that could have been something that isn't human or a medium/ high class magician that did it.

Dio finally regains consciousness and tries to play innocent to which Rood is creeped out by. He then tries to threaten Rood but to no avail. Dio then says that he is done pretending being his friend. While thinking about the situation, Rood asks Dio to start over again seeing how the latter was just "pretending" before. Rood cannot bring himself to consider Dio as an enemy, remembering what Lin had told him about a dragon saving her. Dio asks if he can actually let this go to which Rood says that he can since he believes that Dio wasn't actually trying to harm him. Dio reveals that he knows Rood is the [Black Magician] which surprises him and says that he can't trust Dio, much to the latter's dismay. Rood says that they are to come back to this very room later on in order to chat things out. He asks about his "smell" and Dio jokingly replies that he smells like "Sh*t". While Rood is leaving the room, Dio whispers to himself, saying that he actually smells nostalgic.


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