Chapter 66
Chapter 66

Yong Yong

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Rood confronts Dio on his eyes. Dio wonders what is wrong with them and thinks that maybe they are damaged. His eyes change back and Rood grabs his face trying to examine them. He finally realizes that Dio was the dragon from before. Dio's eyes turn back to its demonic form which surprises Rood who punches him. Rood describes his eyes to him and Dio reacted in a violent manner, telling him to forget about what he saw.

Rowell is seen being paranoid, most likely because she isn't stalking Rood. Rom scolds her on her behavior and in turn, the Princess scolds him back.

Shicmuon is lying on his bed looking through some papers which contains student information. The only paper he seems to be interested in is Rood's. He then mutters his name.

The staff members are discussing about the Hereis and Iduns. Orphell on the other hand is occupied with thoughts of Rood. He notes that one, Rowell seems to have an interest in him, two, he remembers Rood blocking the Hereis' attack, and three, Shicmuon also has an interest in him as well. He is now highly suspicious of him and leaves the meeting saying that he has someplace to be.

Master is visited by the 4th master. He says that he does not want to be affiliated with the Tower any longer but is told that he can not leave their grasp. The Tower's master informs him of Heil and how he was able to turn himself into a demon. This information surprises Master who is then asked for his opinion as the sole survivor of the [Ritual] from eight years ago.

An Idun is putting away supplies when he sees a destroyed room. This room happens to be the exact same one Dio and Rood were previously in. Dio is seen beaten and tied as Rood is disappointed since he was unable to contact his Master for the second time.


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