Chapter 65
Chapter 65

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All of Helios' staff are in a room discussing about the Ishuella incident, namely, Professor Heil and his demon form. Orphell says that he was indeed human at first but might have turned into a demon using forbidden magic. Shicmuon asks to obtain a list of Heil's class, saying that he would like to meet them.

Deon and Orphell are seen talking about Shicmuon's behavior. Orphell says that he does indeed have a keen sense and believes that they will have to be more careful from now on. He tells Deon that Heil might have not been human after all but instead, was a grotesque mix of both. This information is to be kept between the two until further notice.

At Opion, Master is worrying over Rood while Ren tries to reassure him. Master then finally calms down.

Shicmuon is introduced to Rood's class as [Asujen Baldwin]. Orphell informs the students that he will be learning with them as apart of a special class. Rood is intensely shaken by this as he tries to hide his face with his book. Orphell was about to assign Shicmuon his seat when he approaches Rood and takes his book away. He then tells Orphell that he would like to sit next to him.

Dio, Lidusis, and Rood are outside during their break. They were discussing about the new special class when Iel appears out of nowhere and starts criticizing about the school. She saying that for the first time ever, they are actually trying to make the different classes get along. She believes that this is a bit suspicious. She then asks Rood if he knew that Hereis, to which Rood denies. He starts questions himself, asking why he has to go through all this trouble just because of Shicmuon.

The professors are seen walking together. Dio comments on this, saying that they have been together as of late. Rood jabs his eyes and drags Dio away into a room. He asks him why his eyes are so odd looking.


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