Chapter 64
Chapter 64

Yong Yong

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Iel and Lidusis are in the storage room continuing their chat. In a flashback, Iel is displeased that Rood has yet to accept her into the group, telling her that he will think about it. She goes on to tell Lidusis her future plans which is to advance to a Hereis within two years and becoming a proper magician in three. In the present, Iel asks Lidusis about his goals to which he responds that he is happy with how things are at the moment. Iel then remembers Lidusis' appearance in Ishuella, when he was wrapped in black tendrils. She says that she is willing to hear him out even if she can't fix anything.

Rood is speaking with Master about his current situation. Master tells him to return immediately to which Rood says that he has already taken notice of Shimcuon. He also says that he will investigate a bit more and reassures him that he should not be running into Shimcuon much because of their class levels. He then informs Master about Lispen.

Dio knocks at the door and Rood answers. It seems that Dio was worried about Rood because he heard of his encounter with the Hereis. Dio then asks Rood where Lidusis is to which he is told that Lidusis is probably in the storage room. Rood offers to go get him but Dio stops him and leans in close, saying that he will be the one to find him. He sniffs Rood and tells him that he smells. He is then seen leaving with demonic eyes.

Shicmuon is standing in the Idun and Klad hallway and trips a Rood-look-alike thinking it was him. Seeing his mistake, he leaves while thinking that Rood looks familiar.


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