Chapter 60
Chapter 60

Yong Yong

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In a hallway, Deon is complaining to Orphell about Shicmuon who will soon be attending Helios. It seems that Deon has something against him, telling Orphell that he still gets angry whenever he remembers the [Ekaren] incident from three years prior. Orphell cuts in and orders Deon to stop talking. A young man is then seem walking down the hallway. This man turns out to be Shicmuon. It seems that he is wearing a magical artifact in order to ensure that no one can tell who he truly is, excluding high ranking magicians.

In class, Lidusis is acting in a paranoid manner. This is due to the fact that he was "attacked" by Rood some nights ago. This annoys Rood and after class, he decides to speak with Lidusis about the matter. Rood wants to talk in private so they enter the storage room. Unfortunately, they find that Iel is there. Apparently, she has prettied up the room. Iel informs them that she did this because she will be coming here a bit more often due to the fact that group lessons will start soon. She then offers to join their group.

In the Hereis classroom, Chevel is said to be acting strangely. It turns out that this behavior is caused by him knowing Rood's identity. He tries to take this information in but it only makes him feel even more down. This is because he remembers the way he acted towards Rood in the past. Suddenly, a female Hereis is announcing something at the front of the room. She goes on to say that she will not tolerate a student starting off as a Hereis when they first start attending Helios. She then says that she plans on making him leave the school by force. The rest of the class joins in. Chevel on the other hand does not. This greatly shocks the rest of the class since he is infamous for bullying.


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