Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Chapter 6

Yong Yong

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Cloak tries to use Blow's and Shicmuon's confrontation to escape with the stone but is stopped by the other magicians. Meanwhile, Ms Ren reflects that she did not bring any mana stones to recharge since Blow's mission was not meant to be extensive or dangerous and because of this, Blow is at a disadvantage.

Blow and Shicmuon is at a standstill with magic circles held against each other. Blow attempts to convince Shicmuon that they have no reason to fight since he is not aiming to steal the stone and therefore, is not interfering with Shicmuon's mission.  However, Shicmuon refuses the truce and fires an attack. On the balcony, Lapis remarks that the building will collapse at this rate and turns to his father, who has already escaped. Lapis is torn between escaping and wanting to witness the fight between two top class magicians.

Shicmuon tells Blow that he does not care whether or not Blow is aiming for the stone. He then goes on to say that he has been searching for him ever since [that day]. He states that he has visited every mission where he might have appeared but to no avail. Shicmuon grabs hold of Blow's cloak and aims point blank at him but Blow leaves behind only his cloak and escapes onto the balcony. He notices that many of the people have already fled the building, indicating that he will have to be quick with his mission.

Shicmuon is angry at losing sight of Blow. He then leans down on the floor, saying that if Blow has no reason to fight, then he'll just have to create one. An enormous magic circle spreads across the floor of the building.

Blow stops the magicians attacking Cloak, stating that he is in a hurry and they should leave because the building is about to explode. In a desperate attempt to distract Shicmuon from blowing up the building, [Lanoste's dog] points in a random direction and yells that the Black Magician is there. Unknowingly, the direction he pointed to happens to be where Blow is.

Shicmuon defeats Cloak in a single blow and steps on his head, saying that Blow should fight him rather than "trash like this". Just as Shicmuon is about to attack, their mana dissipates and they collide, sending both crashing into each other.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Cloak

2. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

3. Ren

4. Blow

5. Shicmuon

6. Van

7. Rune

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