Chapter 58
Chapter 58

Yong Yong

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Lidusis becomes flustered after receiving an overwhelming amount of attention from the students. Rood is looking outside the window while Dio stands close. Outside, professors are crowding around and Rood recognizes one of them as a magician of the Tower. He believes that they were probably sent to Helios due to the recent incident.

During class, Rood discovers that the magician he saw outside is actually assigned to be the new professor for his class. He introduces himself as Professor Orphell. Rood ponders about what he has to do now that the Magicians of the Tower are trying to look into the incident. He still has not been contacted by Master so he cannot take any course of action. Still drowned in his thoughts, Iel appears and requests a private chat with him. In the storage room, they both discuss the recent tragedy which soon leads to the topic of Lidusis. She notes that she saw Lidusis' body being wrapped by black tendrils.

Meanwhile in Opion, Duchess Dayner is having a conversation with Master. He recommends that Lidusis should be kept close to her and away from the school. By doing this, she can keep him safe until they figured everything out. Duchess Dayner refuses, saying that she cannot do such a thing because he finally smiled and is happy attending Helios. She then requests an extension on the mission and says that the new objective is to protect Lidusis. Master tells her once again that Rood is but a Class 7 magician. Unfortunately, the Duchess is very persistent. She also plans to send Lispen just in case. Master continues to convince her but to no avail.

In the Magicians Association, Lanoste gives Shicmuon a "present" which turns out to be the Hereis' attire. Lanoste then tells him that he is to attend school. To his dismay, he gets an unfavorable reaction.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Lidusis Dien Artian
  2. Dio Varus
  3. Rood Chrishi
  4. Orphell
  5. Carmille
  6. Lin Noa
  7. Iel
  8. Duchess Dayner Artian
  9. Kielnode Chrishi
  10. Lispen
  11. Lanoste
  12. Shicmuon

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