Chapter 57
Chapter 57

Yong Yong

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Lidusis’ mother happily tells Lispen about her son and comments on how the child of Opion has been taken good care of him to the point of being able to smile once again. In a flashback, Duchess Dayner and Lidusis is seen having a conversation about bringing him back home. However, Lidusis refuses and tells her that he likes being at Helios.

In the present, Lanoste is visited by one of the professors and asks him about the incident regarding Ishuella. The professor seemed reluctant on giving him any information. Seeing this, Lanoste slyly bribes him, saying that he will make whatever he wants a reality. While reviewing the professor's wishes, he calls him "greedy". His secretary asks him if he wanted her to "take care" of him in which he responds by telling her that he’d be useful in the future.

Elsewhere in the town, someone impersonates the Black Magician for the sake of his own amusement. The impersonator is seen sitting at a table in a restaurant eating for free. Shicmuon appears and destroys most of the restaurant. He knocks down the magicians who have come to battle the "Black Magician". Meanwhile, Lanoste makes a comical scene, saying how pitiful Shicmuon is for chasing a guy rather than a girl. He then asks Shicmuon's [Partner] on his whereabouts. The partner argues that Shicmuon has been very disruptive these days.

Shicmuon is seen being agitated by the phony Black Magician. He then goes on to call him "garbage". Back to Lanoste, he mentions that he wants Shicmuon sent to Helios. An explosion occurs in town and he orders Shicmuon's partner to bring him back, believing that the commotion is Shicmuon's doing.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Lispen
  2. Duchess Dayner Artian
  3. Lidusis Dien Artian (flashback)
  4. Lanoste
  5. Shicmuon
  6. Van

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