Chapter 56
Chapter 56

Yong Yong

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Lin is seen carrying scissors while feeling nervous about cutting Lidusis’ hair but Rood reassures her that since she used to cut Ben’s hair, she should be fine.

Meanwhile, Master is having a dilemma over Blow’s appearance in Ishuella since he keeps receiving requests from the Tower for his cooperation over the matter regarding Helios. Master wishes that the Tower does not come to Opion due to the destruction of the building, saying that it would be embarrassing for them to see it. While discussing about Lidusis, he asks when the Duchess will visit again. He intends to warn her about Lidusis’ connection with the incident.

Going back to Lidusis, everyone was shocked to see his new appearance and Rood questions on why he was hiding his face when he look better with it showing. An idea comes to him and he asks Lin when the party is going to happen. He plans to surprise everyone so much so that no one will ever be able to call Lidusis a monster again.

The next scene is shown to be Rood sitting on the ground facing the the communication device. He talks about Lidusis and how the problem was wrapped up. When Rood asks if he may return, Master tells him not to be so hasty and says that he should enjoy his school life.

When Rood begins to head back to his room, he is caught off guard because of Lidusis, who was wearing a hood in order to cover himself. Asking why he isn't asleep yet and why he is standing there all covered up, Lidusis answers that it’s because he was told to stay hidden until the party. Rood realized that Lidusis was searching for him as he confirms it by asking. Lidusis thought Rood had left in which Rood replies that he would have told him if he were to go.

During the party, Lin peaks through the door and comments on how many students have gathered for the party. Dio then impatiently says that they should enter the room but is told that the main character always shows up last. Elsewhere among the students, Iel was feeling bored as boys crowded around her. She overhears students talking about the Black Magician. Suddenly, Rood comes up behind her and asks her for a favor. The door swings open and Iel shouts out Lidusis’ name. Everyone is shocked to see Lidusis entering the room with Lin and Dio along with a new appearance. Much to everyone’s surprise, they couldn’t believe that the boy was Lidusis. Flower petals soon fall and the reason for this is because Chevel has used his mana to create them. He let out a snicker as he orders Anna to go back, saying he is bored.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Lin Noa
  2. Carmille
  3. Rood Chrishi
  4. Lidusis Dien Artian
  5. Dio Varus
  6. Kielnode Chrishi
  7. Ren
  8. Iel
  9. Chevel Phon Hadelio
  10. Anna Berev

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