Chapter 55
Chapter 55
Chapter 55

Yong Yong

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The first panel introduces a new building which belongs to The Association. Inside the building, a neatly dressed woman with glasses asks a man named Lanoste if he has received the report. The man asks which report she is taking about, the one about "that moron who invaded Opion" or the one about "the idiot magicians of the Tower going on a picnic to Ishuella". The woman informs Lanoste that Helios had a problem and the capital city sent Marquis Hadelio in a hurry. Lanoste appears interested in Helios and tells the woman to schedule an appointment with "that sleazy man".

In Helios, a board of parents are complaining to the school about the Ishuella incident, stating that they do not feel safe having their children attending this school if something this dangerous were to happen again. The school administrator informs them that she will have outside magicians conduct an investigation incognito to determine if there are any more dangers within the school.

In Rood's classroom, Professor Rowell is sitting in front of him and Professor Kan, who is teaching the class, makes her leave. Rood contemplates that one, she definitely suspects him, two, Chevel knows, and three, Lidusis has been acting strangely ever since the Ishuella incident which worries him because he called him by name while he was Blow. Rood states that he has sent in his report but Master has yet to contacted him. 

On a balcony, Lapis tells Linus that they are holding an annual welcoming party for the new students but this year, it's more of a "got-back-safely party". Linus remarks that he will have to tell Chevel about it. Lapis, seeing the two rings on Linus' hand, scolds him that it's against school policy for one person to have two mana stones. Defending himself, Linus claims that one of the ring is sealed, namely, the one infused with the Black magician's mana. 

During break time, Rood, Lidusis, and Dio are all sitting together when Lin approaches them. She informs them about the party and Dio immediately agrees to go but Rood cogitate that he will be leaving Helios soon. Lin awkwardly asks Lidusis how he feels about getting a haircut. Rood quickly decides on Lidusis' behalf that it is a good idea.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Lanoste
  2. Duchess Dayner Artian
  3. Lapis's Father
  4. Headmaster of Helios
  5. Marquis Hadelio
  6. Professor Kan
  7. Rood Chrishi
  8. Professor Rowell
  9. Lidusis Dien Artian
  10. Lapis Yuan Nuadly
  11. Linus En Grium
  12. Dio Varus
  13. Lin Noa

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