Chapter 54
Chapter 54
Chapter 54

Yong Yong

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Lin comments that they are finally out of the red skies of Ishuella and begins to wonder what the blue dragon was. Carmille runs up to her and exclaims that the person behind the incident was Professor Heil which shocks her.

Elsewhere among the gathered students, Rood feigns being surprised about hearing the same thing while hiding his relief that none of his classmates suspect anything strange about him. He thinks that this incident will place Helios in an awkward position as he glances over to where Chevel is standing with his father.

In a flashback, Rood remembers Chevel staring at him. Rood then walks up to Chevel with a threatening expression and in response, Chevel flinches. Rood tells him that he merely stumbled upon the two of them while wandering the forest and asked if Chevel understood what he was saying. In the present, Rood berates himself for not threatening Chevel more but reasons that he is not the type of person who gossips.

While his father speaks to him, Chevel is not paying any attention. instead, he is looking at Rood out of the corner of his eyes. Chevel still cannot believe that Rood is the Black Magician but he also cannot discard the fact that he saw black mana dispel from Rood. Their eyes meet, causing the Chevel to flinch uncontrollably and look away. This odd behavior worries his father.

Rood asks his classmates where Dio is and before they can answer, Rood sights Dio. The students ask Dio how he survived falling off such great heights. Dio feigns a headache and tells his classmates that he woke up to a magician saving him. The Tower's magician comments that he was found unconscious at the bottom of the cliff. The students quickly come to the conclusion that the Black Magician must have saved him but Rood has no knowledge that he did such a thing.

Lapis comments on how everything seems like a dream while Linus, looking happily at his ring which still has the Black magician's mana inside, quietly responds that it was in fact, not a dream.

The Tower's magician informs the students that the teleportation circle will be ready soon. Iel looks off into the distance thinking that she wants to meet "him".

In the cave, two of the Tower's magicians find Professor Heil's corpse and when they saw the blue blood, they wonder if he was not human after all. correcting themselves, they say that he was a human to begin with and that this is no longer just Helios' problem.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Lin Noa

2. Carmille

3. Rood Chrishi

4. Chevel Phon Hadelio

5. Marquis Hadelio

6. Dio Varus

7. Lapis Yuan Nuadly

8. Linus En Grium

9. Iel

10. Orphell

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